Thursday, February 24, 2005

Save the Dates - Apr 7-10, 2005


After many e-mails, discussions with travel agents, and careful planning... here are the details of our Vegas trip:

Thursday Apr 7-Sunday April 10, 2005

Excalibur Hotel

Important details:

* 10 of us are already 100% confirmed - and will book tonight

* the cheapest way for us all to travel is to book the hotel and flight individually (or in small groups). The travel industry does not believe in volume discounts (and seems to charge a premium for guaranteed travel for large groups). The best group rate I could get from a travel agent was $1,100. We're a large group, departing from at least three different cities --- the option to book individually keeps costs low, and also takes into account everyone's different schedule and preferences.

* it's therefore up to you (and your significant other, potential roommates, etc) to book your own flight and hotel.

* hotels are significantly cheaper when staying 4/room. The total cost of the room is not much more than what two people would pay.

* most of us will arrive Thursday, and depart Vegas late Sunday --- but you're more than welcome to adjust that based on your own schedule.

* the cost - $672-$795 CAD

Jetsgo flight, leaving Toronto - $625 with tax
Air Canada leaving Ottawa - $592
Air Canada leaving Toronto - $502
Jetsgo leaving Ottawa - sold out

hotel (based on rooms of 4) - $170 with tax ($56/person/night)

* does have flight/hotel packages for the Excalibur that cost about the same (we were just unable to guarantee a group booking of more than 8) --- feel free to check that out and book with them, too.

* of course, you're more than willing to stay adjust times as need be --- arrive in Vegas on Friday, leave early or late Sunday, etc.

* once you have confirmed your flight and hotel details, please e-mail them to me. Within the next few days, I will set up a blog that lists out attendees, travel arrangements, etc.

* if you have any questions, please e-mail or call (416-652-7208).

* Oh, and one last thing --- this trip is happening, it's going to rock, and we look forward to seeing you all at the Excalibur on Thursday, April 7!



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